Power and Electric plants supplies

Power and Electric Plants

Grupo Potenza supplies equipment for power and electric plants, and also has specialists in bioenergy:

  • Cooling systems, plate coolers, aero-coolers, heat recovery boilers 
  • Switching panels, circuit breakers, motorized switches, electric transformers, UPS, power switches, relay cabinets, medium voltage cells, elements for switchboards control, electronic plant management, PLC's. 
  • All of our supplies are from leading brands such as SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and ALFA LAVAL among other major manufacturers.
Naval and Fishing Industry

Naval and Fishing Industry

The naval and fishing sector requires specific needs and special equipment, that is why we work with the best specialists in the sector in:
  • Naval electronics and electrical protection equipment.
  • Static Frequency Converters SFC
  • Naval safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and life rafts. 
  • Cooling systems: plate and tube coolers, keel coolers, spare parts and parts, pumps, couplings, transmissions, electric motors. 
  • Alfa Laval equipment. 
  • Heat recovery and emission management. 
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration projects.
  • Ships scraps. 
  • Ships brokerage.
  • Winches for tugboats, merchants, fishing boats.

Electric and Electronic equipment

General Industry

The industry requires specialized components that Grupo Potenza supplies to its customers, such as:
  • Electrical and electronic components for plant control and safety.
  • UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Energy storage systems.
  • Specialized machinery for processing oils, dairy products, coffee, ...
  • Cooling and heat recovery systems.
  • Electric pumps, compressors, electric motors, electric transformers, couplings, etc.